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The moving company's website had a poor design, including unfavorable color choices and an inefficient quote request form, resulting in a subpar user experience and low completion rates.


Our design approach was centered on Mobile First principles, while simultaneously implementing a comprehensive branding system to enhance the company's visibility and recognition. This strategic approach was designed to optimize the website's user experience, while ensuring brand consistency across all digital touchpoints.
Redesigned business
for better
in Ontario

Redesigned business
for better mover-seeker experience in Ontario

Redesigned business
for better mover-
in Ontario

Redesigned business
for better mover-seeker experience in Ontario

brand materials

Commercial Moving Services

Our comprehensive analysis included an in-depth examination of over 50 industry competitors, aimed at identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This information was then leveraged to develop optimal solutions for the moving company.
The primary challenge we faced was determining how to enable users to obtain accurate service estimates tailored to their specific needs in the shortest possible time frame. We developed a quick estimate form on the homepage, taking no more than two minutes to complete, to boost lead generation and improve user convenience.

Research Process

User flow

Before moving on to the next design phases, we conducted extensive research on the product, its competitors, and related factors. We identified critical areas for improvement and devised a set of essential guidelines aimed at creating an exceptional user flow.

Design Solutions

reservation form

We enhanced the user experience of the reservation form by introducing new measures, such as progress indicators and estimated completion times. Additionally, we provided clear descriptions for each category, outlining their relevance and necessity. These modifications resulted in significant time and cost savings for both the company and its customers.

Email newsletter

Crafting an effective email newsletter is a critical aspect of any successful business strategy. We optimized the company's email communication process by implementing auto-emails, carefully curated to include all the essential information necessary to enhance the clients’ experience.

Branding Solutions

the Design

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