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The dairy product brand faced a significant challenge with its weak and outdated design, failing to resonate with the target market of young families. The lack of appeal in the existing design hindered the brand's ability to connect with its desired audience and effectively communicate its value proposition.


A comprehensive graphic design overhaul, revamping the brand's visual identity with modern and visually appealing elements. This included refreshing the color palette, updating graphic elements, and refining typography to create a contemporary and captivating design.
enjoy Canadian dairy product


We conducted an extensive market research, targeting young families through in-depth interviews and focus groups. This informed our design decisions, allowing us to create a visually appealing and modern-looking brand that resonated with our target audience.


We chose a color palette that exudes sophistication, freshness, and natural appeal, striking a perfect balance between richness, tranquility, and playfulness. This combination captivates our target audience, aligns with the brand's desired image, and appeals to young families.
Deep Purple
light mint
Olive Green
light Purple


Our rebranding efforts focused on three key messages: the commitment to cruelty-free milk production, the use of natural and recyclable packaging, and the emphasis on exceptional taste.

Ads & Promo Materials

We crafted friendly ads that highlighted our commitment to cruelty-free milk, showcased natural packaging, and celebrated the exceptional taste of our product, creating an engaging and appealing connection with our audience.

Our inclusive and vibrant promotional materials exude positive energy, inviting everyone to join us on a journey towards healthier living. Building upon "Quality Dairy for Healthier Living," we incorporated new fonts and typography that amplify the message, creating visually engaging designs that inspire and uplift the audience.

the Design

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