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Due to the shutdown of educational institutions, students and teachers were thrown into the deep end of the digital universe without enough training, support, or online platforms. The purpose of this project is to develop an educational product that will assist students and teachers in remaining engaged and becoming autonomous learners outside of their traditional classroom.


By focusing on the needs, habits, and wants of users, a User-Centered Design (UCD) process can tackle any problem and ensure a positive experience and satisfaction with the product or service. Our efforts included developing a clear product roadmap and designing user experiences tailored to three distinct personas.

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As a result of the closure of educational institutions, students and teachers found themselves navigating the digital realm without sufficient training, support, or online resources. This project aims to create an educational tool that will help students and teachers stay engaged and develop the skills needed to become self-directed learners beyond the confines of the traditional classroom.
task details


  • Keeping student motivated to study while avoiding any other social distractions.
  • Keeping track of class timings for students.
  • Collecting and submitting homework, giving assignments, and keeping track of submitted/pending homework.
  • Uncertainty about adapting to unfamiliar technology.
  • The most significant issue that students and teachers face is a lack of in-person interaction.
  • The technological barrier makes logging in difficult.

Project Duration

User Personas

Key Insights

At the core of the process were the users: students. User research was conducted through competitive analysis, surveys of students and educators, and interviews.
  • Research showed that the most commonly used (70% of schools) channel to conduct online classes was Zoom, while  the rest used Google Meet/Classroom
  • 90% of teachers said it was easier to conduct classes offline as that way they can see if the students are paying attention.
  • 80% said it is hard to manage attendance and assignment details.
  • A big challenge the teachers faced was maintaining discipline in online environment.

Target Groups

he first generation to have an extreme shift from traditional classroom learning to online learning.
many teachers were thrown into turmoil by the sudden change from blackboards to laptops, which made teaching more difficult.

Web  Application

We have created a My Account page for the platform. This page allows students to manage their tasks, track their progress, and view their class awards  to keep track of their progress and to provide a sense of achievement and motivation.
Our team created an easy-to-use to-do list for students and teachers, helping learners manage tasks, assignments, and deadlines with ease. Its user-friendly design, intuitive interface, and built-in priority system provide an organized and centralized platform that streamlines the educational process. By assigning priorities to tasks, learners can better manage their workload and achieve their educational goals.
My Account interface provides a centralized location for learners to manage their academic progress. By tracking their scores, learners can monitor their progress and better understand their strengths and weaknesses. The personal profile allows learners to customize their experience and connect with their peers and teachers. The progress tracker provides learners with a visual representation of their achievements, while the list of achievements and calendar help learners manage their workload and their goals.

Teacher's view

Online teaching presents teachers with various challenges, including technical difficulties, maintaining student engagement, limited interaction and feedback, adapting teaching methods, and ensuring equitable access to resources. The platform is designed to assist teachers in streamlining their workflow and enhancing their ability to provide feedback and support to students in a digital environment.
The manager's page offers a centralized platform for teachers to manage their classes and interact with students. Teachers can create and grade assignments, create and administer tests, and communicate with students using messaging or video conferencing.
the Design

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